Friday, July 11, 2014

d30 Feature of the Week:
d30 Berserker (Barbarian) Encounters

I'm trying to better about doing my promised d30 download every Friday. It keeps me creating new ones. The title says it all on this one... "d30 Berserker (Barbarian) Encounters." Hopefully it will add a little flavor to your berserker encounters. On a side note, right before I got ready to upload this, I noticed that the line which should have been "sacred runes" actually said "scared runes." I like the idea of that... "scared runes." It is, however, fixed on this chart to say "sacred."

Click here to download a free PDF of this
d30 Berserker (Barbarian) Encounters page from MediaFire.


  1. Cool! I'm loving how they celebrate victory.

    A couple of table ideas (I know, I should have thought of these when you first asked):

    * What is that lair for that monster I just rolled that happens to be in it because I just rolled that too? There's a few pages in the Ready Ref Sheets (pp. 39-42) for this to give you an idea.
    * What are the monsters doing right this second, as opposed to a general purpose? Taking a nap, eating, roaming, copulating? There's a table on Trollsmyth's blog in the hex crawling series ( that has this idea.
    * How is that treasure contained? In a bag, hidden by invisibility, trapped? The old Monster and Treasure Assortment has tables for this at the front of the book.
    * Have you ever considered the random dungeon stocking table in the Basic Set as a way of organizing all these for publication? Essentially, it boils dungeons down to the elements of room, monster, trap, special (Mentzer Basic, oddly, is a good source of ideas for traps and specials), and treasure.

    1. A lot of that (treasure containers, traps, treasure content) and monster types, are dealt with in the d30 DM companion.

    2. I know about the monster and traps tables (I use the monster ones a lot), but it was an organizational idea, rather than three separate projects.

      As for containers, you have scroll cases and potion vials but not (gets to index) well, uh, page 13. I totally stand corrected, and turn many shades of King Crimson.

  2. BTW, I noticed a typo on BSK2, #10. It lists "hands" twice. Should be "head, hands & feet"?

    1. Thanks. I'll fix it in the original, but the download is likely to keep the typo for now.