Thursday, May 29, 2014

Prepping for NTRPG Con
& Dragon Horde Zine #2

I'm assuming that a few of you are wondering what's been going on with all the radio silence around this blog for the past couple of weeks. Long story short, I've been spending most of my time prepping for the North Texas RPG Con which starts next week. The majority of that work has been in wrapping up the 2nd issue of the Dragon Horde zine, which will premier at the con. There are just a handful of edits that need to be made, and one article that needs an overhaul. Time permitting, this should mostly be put to bed by late tonight, which allows me to get into the printing tomorrow night. The picture here is a copy of issue 1, and a test print of issue 2 (thus the "X" in the corner that tells me not to mix it up with the final issues, when printed).

So here's what's inside issue 2:
  • The Monster Roster: Linnorms - Oe/BX/1e info for 6 types
  • The Long and Short of the Viking Longhouse - includes an overview and sample map
  • Here's the Thing - an intro to using things/folkmoots in your adventures
  • The Volva: A New NPC Character Class - part seer, part shaman, all woman
  • Viffilmein - a beetle-infested adventure for characters levels 1-3
  • Dealing With Level Drain - guidelines for 10+ variants on monsters' level drain
  • The Houses of the Mark - an abundance of NPC encounters adapted from William Morris's The House of the Wolfings
  • A Trio of Norse-inspired Magic Items

The print copies of the 2nd issue will probably not be available at the New Big Dragon storefront until the con is over, and the PDF copies on RPGNow will be available the same day as the print copies. The print copies of the 1st issue will be available then as well.

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