Sunday, May 4, 2014

d30 Charts/Tables Wish List?

In response to Friday's post about the possibility of future d30 books, Hareton mentioned wanted tables for women, law, and prospecting. Which brings up an interesting question...

What d30 charts would you like to see? And please add some details. For example, if you want to see law d30 charts, do you want to see list of laws with punishments? Or tables for resolving legal disputes and criminal cases? Also, let me know if others list things that you'd really like to see as well, or if you think they sound too campaign-specific for your regular needs.


  1. D30 Village Encounters. I know what you said that these would be hopelessly tied to the Sandbox Companion for the NPCs (and the Assorted Settlement Encounters could be keyed to the table as well), but everyone should buy the Sandbox Companion, regardless of system, if he's running a fantasy game.

    D30 Urban (City/Town) Encounters. I have less need of this since I have a good but cumbersome generator for these (Cities by Midkemia Press), but it seems to be obvious from a Village Encounter generator. Again, it would have to tie to the Sandbox Companion.

    D30 Thieves' Guild Generator. There flat-out isn't a good way to roll up a thieves' guild. The best is in the Old School Encounters Reference, and it's cribbed from some older product (I know it's in the 2e Complete Thief's Handbook, but I think it's older than that) and doesn't work well with anything but itself. You could tie this with requests for handling law. (I'd stay away from women, however. There are some things that should stay in the Ready Ref Sheets and the Seventies. A hooker entry for an encounter generator would be enough.)

    D30 Ogre Encounters. I seem to have a lot of ogres around. Gnolls would also be good, though I don't have gnolls in my game world (why are there so many races of intelligent monstrous humanoids in D&D, anyways?); they have detailed and varied equipment and forces. I suppose you could combine ogres and giants or something. More motivations and twists for encounters in general.

    D30 Caravan Generator. A combination of the Monster Manual (Men, Merchant) and the Rogues' Gallery. Most of the entries under "Men" could warrant a generator, though you could combine some, like Caveman/Tribesman and Dervish/Nomad (why is there a difference between these, rather than a single entry and a note? If I can cast speak with dead, I'll ask Gygax.). I half-expected Pirates for P last month.

    Detail for common dungeon items. Magic Statues. Magic Pools/Fountains. Stairs. Rooms, though I think there's at least a half-dozen common room-kind generators on my hard drive alone.

    D30 Demon Generator. With three rolls of a D30 (or clicks of a button on your dice generator), you have 27,000 ways to die. The way you got down the rolls for intelligent swords is one of the best uses of your tables.

    Specific treasure hoards. Orcs have four different treasure types. Why not a table that combines all of those to generate an orc hoard? There's a few other monsters that are like that, rather than adding scrolls or potions to a hoard.

  2. Oh, and anything to help when you roll "Special" while stocking a dungeon.

  3. Those are excellent suggestions. I especially like the treasure hoards combination aspect.

    My suggestion is for doors. I know the d30 DM Companion has a table for doors, but it seems that a full-page doors generator would be of great use. After all, why are all dungeon doors either wood with metal bands, or stone, or something else similar and common? In point of fact, that's perfectly fine, but even common doors can have differences. A full d30 chart of how the doors are subtly different adds--for me--a huge amount of atmosphere and ambiance. The mechanism can be different, the handles can be different, there might be scratches or paint or the type of wood can vary. I think doors would benefit from a dedicated d30 table immensely.

  4. Random Noble Houses

  5. Lots of great suggestions here. I especially like the Caravan D30 idea. I'd love to see what you could do with that!