Monday, May 5, 2014

Dragon Horde Zine #2: Sneak Preview

There's still a lot to do on issue #2 of The Dragon Horde zine (e.g., a couple of rounds or proofing, some illustrations yet to be done, a couple of run-throughs on the adventure), but the pages are there. Here's a sneak-preview of what turned out to be a "Special Nordic-themed Issue."

BTW, issue #2 will be available in print (as will issue #1), and they will be exclusively available through the New Big Dragon storefront.


  1. Aww, yeah! You do amazing work, sir.

  2. I already own the D30 AX books in PDF, and I was looking to order them in print from the NBD store -- but now that you plan on putting Dragon's Horde into print, I'll wait and grab those too! Are the pdf's bundled with the prints if we don't have Dragon's Horde already? If not, that's cool.

    1. The first Dragon Horde zine is pay-what-you-want at RPGNow, so you can get it for free if you so choose. If there is a set price on future issues, those who buy print copies through the NBD storefront will be sent a code for a complimentary PDF (via the email address used at checkout on the storefront).