Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Illustration: Linnorm (for Creature Compendium)

I usually don't have the patience for full-page illustrations. But in working on pagination for the Creature Compendium, I knew I really needed a full-page illustration for the linnorm.

The stats for my version of the linnorm (and its variations) will actually appear first in Dragon Horde Zine #2, but will be accompanied by a vintage public domain illustration (which is the vibe I like to give the DHZ when I can).

Since I'm trying to do all the illustrations for the Creature Compendium myself, I knew I'd have to undertake this at some point. The other day, I made myself a list of the illustrations that had yet to be done, and this begged for me to do it first. So...
here 'tis.

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