Monday, March 17, 2014

Update: Dragon Horde Zine #2

When I launched The Dragon Horde zine with its inaugural issue, I made a commitment to myself to have as much of the zine's content as possible appear in the zine exclusively (if not as its only appearance, at least as its first appearance). With my work schedule as of late, it's been tough to maintain regular blog posting in addition to the "behind the scenes" work on the next issue of the zine. While the zine is coming along nicely, I feel like this blog (my first baby) is being neglected. I'm going to do my best to post every day this week, including a free adventure on Thursday (which has been written for weeks, but just needs a hair of tweaking), and a new d30 chart on Friday (again, something that's mostly complete, but has been sitting around waiting to be laid out).

Over the weekend, I did make some really good progress on the zine.
  • The page count is now up to 32 pages + cover (from 28 + cover)
  • I finished an article on Viking longhouses (which supports the adventure in the issue).
  • I've added an article on dealing with level drain
    (since wights are part and parcel of Nordic/Viking-themed adventuring).
  • I've added some new magic items.
  • I've started work on an article takes tribes/characters from William Morris’s
    The House of the Wolfings, and turns them into sandbox fodder (giving some overview information on each group, and listing a few notable NPCs from the story). It's about 1/2-done.
  • I made some progress on the rune-based adventure seed generator.
And, yes... beginning with issue #2, both issue #2 and back issues of #1 will be available in print through my new Square storefront. Wait— did I mention my new Square storefront?

Then I'll talk about that tomorrow.

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