Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Plans for Dragon Horde Zines #2 and #3

For those who've been waiting for issue #2 of the Dragon Horde Zine, here's a little update...

I was getting pretty close to finishing up most of the content for #2, when I had a discussion with Welbo, and we decided to "split" the contents out a bit. So that leaves #2 and #3 each sort of "half-complete," but we have a pretty good track on what will be in each. The main thing that happened in this process is that we took a lot of content originally slated for #2 and are delaying it until the North Texas RPG Con for a special "show" issue that we'll have with us at the con. For example, the adventure from #2 goes to #3, and I've got a really cool new idea for the adventure for #2. BTW, if things roll as desired, issue #2 should be ready at the end of February. But more importantly...

All issues of the Dragon Horde zine will now be available in print!
I think I've found a really great local resource for on-demand printing. Which means, not only will issues #2 and #3 be in print, but will so will back issues of #1. EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY... I believe that I will be able to AFFORDABLY provide print issues of all other products directly to buyers in the U.S.! (E.g., d30 Books, etc.) This still has to be worked out and tested, but it really provides me hope for a lot of quality control that I think is often lacking from Lulu.

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