Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valley of the Five Fires Wargame Test/Update

Welbo and I finally had a chance to dig back into playtesting the Valley of the Five Fires wargame last night (using Roll20 rather than face-to-face per our last test). Playing time was approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from beginning to end (including a bit of set up). It actually went pretty damn well! I can't think of any play contingency encountered that wasn't already dealt with in the rules. And even though I was losing the entire game, the rules allow plenty of chances for come-from-behind victories (and even within the last couple of moves, I still had a chance to come from WAY-WAY-WAY behind and win). We actually played the entire thing out using the standard victory conditions, so 1:45:00 wasn't a bad time.

We just need to tweak the stats for the monster and animal encounters, and may be ready to open testing up to others in the next week or two. (Look for updates/calls to come.)


  1. I'd be happy to have my group playtest for you.

  2. I wonder whether we ought to require a return to the home-camp as the final step to victory...
    You might have been able to harass me for a few more turns.

    And Roll20 worked quite well as a way to "tele-game"
    (is there a generic term for that?)
    ( ... would Sears care if I use the name for their rebadged Atari game system?)