Thursday, March 21, 2013

V5F Preview: Steppe Shaman Class

So here's what keeps happening... I have a page or two I need to fill in The Valley of the Five Fires, and by the time I've filled it I've actually created 4 or 5 pages (which throws off my page count, which puts me back where I started... having a page or two I need to fill.)

I had only planned on putting some basic shaman class information, the experience pt./HD/spells by level info, and the list of spells by edition. So I started researching, and realized I needed two types of shamans, black shamans and white shamans... so that doubled the number of charts. And I'd planned on just referencing existing cleric/druid/MU spells, but realized I needed to create some shaman-specific spells for OGL purposes.

And that's how the 2-3 intended pages became the 7 pages below.

Now the debate becomes... do I include it in the module (upping the total page count, probably to 56 pp.) or do I work this up as a free download in support of the module?

BTW, the illustration is a Nicholas Roerich drawing (you know Roerich... he's the guy whose images I used for the post "Classic Rock Song Titles I'd Like to See as D&D Modules").

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