Sunday, March 24, 2013

Morbagallicus: Patron and Tormentor of the Syphilitic

Since I'm still playing around with the new pen, I thought I'd draw something that I could work up for the Petty Gods project. And since there is a need for more chaotic and lawful deities, I introduce to you the petty god Morbagallicus, patron and tormentor of the syphilitic (chaotic, of course).

Due to some personal and work commitments, I probably won't get around to the description/stats until Wednesday, so maybe I'll have this worked up to post by Thursday morning. I'm also considering working up a description for yesterday's "old man" drawing as the petty god of staff and cane makers (lawful). I'm thinking that I might redraw both; I feel like they both need some refinements.

BTW, if anybody has any petty god ideas for the bearded thing from yesterday, feel free to work it up. Let me know, though, so I can arrange to send reproduction art with the description submission.

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