Friday, March 8, 2013

Update: Old-School Adventures™
Module VA1: Valley of the Five Fires

Like many fellow OSR bloggers, my posts have been thin here due to the demands of the real world. But fear not, work is continuing on the d30 Sandbox Companion, and I'm getting much closer to finishing up Old-School Adventures™ Module VA1: Valley of the Five Fires.

What was looking like a 36-page count back in January when I announced it, is now 48 pages! Since then, I've added 2 pages of weapons and armor information, and 2 new detailed adventure areas (which actually accounts for 5 pages), and the OGL. It was actually the need to include the OGL (which I somehow freakin' forgot) that led to figuring out what to do with the 3 other pages (since it's all about 4-page signatures in a saddle-stitch book), that led to adding 8 pages total. Welbo and I have a bit more proofing/editing to do, but we're VERY close.

Details to come.


  1. That's awesome! I wish more publishers would do this thumbnail kind of imagery so they would get a feel for the overall flow. Very nice work!

  2. Very much looking forward to its release. Looking great.