Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Valley of the Five Fires: Welbo's Latest Notes

As I mentioned in Sunday's post about the The Valley of the Five Fires, Welbo likes to add a few "asides" in his proofing notes. In the latest round, he proofread the page about nomadic life, and next to the paragraph about the 5 muzzles, he added the following note...

"and every spring, each new generation provides the makings of a delicious soup of fresh testicles"

...and he proffered up
this link.

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  1. (I'm imagining your readership looking at this and thinking "Now there's a link I'm not going to click!")

    But it's really quite work-safe, instructional, and relevant.
    (... what with Mongolian herders, yurts, and all.)

    And for those who might appreciate the intersection of Documentary film, and long-distance motorcycle adventure, do check-out The Long Way Round, from which this clip is an excerpt.