Thursday, January 24, 2013

d30 Feature of the Week:
Adventure Seed Generator Part I

I know I've been slacking on the d30 Feature posts around here lately, but considering the d30 Sandbox Companion is in more of a proofing stage than a "creation" stage, that's not so odd. But the book felt like it was missing something really important, and I finally figured out what it was...
AN ADVENTURE SEED GENERATOR!!! (Slap self in head and say, "I coulda had a V8!")

As I worked on it, I realized it it needed two pages. And guess how many "blank" pages I had left in the book. Yup! TWO! So today, I present Part I of the Adventure Seed Generator. Part II will be coming tomorrow, so be on the lookout. (Part II includes tables for: phenomena, villain goal/reason, artifact/relic, theme, and key NPC).

BTW, if you need an excuse to use them, try creating something for William's Roman-themed adventure design contest over at his Ramblings of a Great Khan blog! And maybe you'll win a copy of one of the book's that inspired Tolkien.

Click here to download a free PDF of Part I (of II) of the
d30 Adventure Seed Generator from MediaFire.


  1. That is a great springboard...and a great editing catch! Can't wait for you new d30 books! Cash at the ready!

  2. The trouble with people who regularly post creative stuff is that they rarely get a lot of thanks. I just wanted to thank you NBD for all these wonderful pdfs that you've been regularly pumping out, an incredible resource for the DM. And having purchased the D30 DM Companion a while back, I too am looking forward to your upcoming releases.