Sunday, January 6, 2013

Valley of the Five Fires Proofing

In addition to the really insightful notes I'm getting from Welbo on the Valley of the Five Fires regarding clarification, phrasing, and adding color, I get PDF notes like the ones on the image below.


  1. They're definitely good for a laugh at least!

  2. Are you using Souvenir Demi as the default font for the product?

  3. @RW: The body copy is Souvenir Light, the bold references to main sections in the book are Souvenir Bold, and the bold highlights in the copy (e.g., names of magic items, monsters, etc.) are Souvenir Demi.

    I've adopted the Souvenir family for my "house" look (I use the same fonts in the d30 books). I've always loved the feel of the BX-era stuff, and as a graphic designer, there's a lot of reasons I like the font Souvenir (has a retro feel without being obvious, it's nice and "round" which makes it friendly, and it's very easy on the reader's eyes).

    Check out any of the free downloads on the Old School Adventures page of the blog. All of those are set in Souvenir as well.