Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Download: Master Dungeon Mapping Key

For the last few weeks, my co-conspirator Dave Welborn and I have been proofing the svirfneblin out of the d30 DM Companion. In trying to make the thing as meaty as possible, we trimmed some fluff, and expanded the meatier parts, but still had a page to fill. Since the Dungeon Crawl Worksheet was so well-received, it seemed only natural to create a Master Dungeon Mapping Key to accompany it (will appear as a single spread in the book). There's a couple of things I'd like to have added, but didn't seem to have space for (e.g., a "rope bridge" similar to the phanaton platforms from Isle of Dread.) I think the major bases are covered, though. More importantly, I don't think I've seen a key as comprehensive as this, with all the major architectural features, natural features, and furnishings.

To download a free PDF of this Master Dungeon Mapping Key from MediaFire, click here.