Friday, March 23, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week: Sandbox Settlement Suppliers Generator

I'm sure this week's d30 feature is far from flawless, but should come in handy nonetheless. It's designed to quickly generate suppliers in different settlements by size of community. I think it's better suited for quickly determining whether the party is lucky enough to find a sage, alchemist, or armor smith living in the thorpe they just stumbled across, rather than determining how many of each type that megacity on the other side of the mountain might have. So you can see how it's obviously destined for the d30 Sandbox Companion.

GENERAL DIRECTIONS: 1) Determine the size of the community. 2) Roll for each type of supplier in that community based on the odds in the chart. 3) Let me know how this works for you (and any suggested shifts in the odds based on something that seems overly or underly available based on community size.)

To download a free PDF of this Settlement Suppliers Generator from MediaFire, click here.

Update to Post: I went ahead and rolled up a quickie settlement this morning using this generator, as well as my previous "Settlement Background," "Magical Places," and "Cult" Generators to create the following locale...

Town of 720 people
heterarchy (foreign ruler)
rejecting of outsiders
minor issue with beggars/vagrancy
nearby threat = evil elves

With the following suppliers:
1 fletcher
1 healer
2 inns
2 leathercrafters
1 magic items vendor
1 potion vendor
2 provisions (food/rations) providers
1 reseller (used items)
1 smith (general)
2 tailors
3 tool shops
2 weapons shops

nearby magical place = peak of visions
(actually a hallucinatory terrain; peak doesn't exist)

nearby cult
follows/worships red dragon
taken to wearing wigs
mantra = "I bow to the unmet illusion of secondhand death."
(Soundslike a bunch of nutjobs to me.)

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