Monday, January 23, 2012


As conveyed in my post from January 1st of this year, my company name is all tied back into the Chinese zodiac and the belief that dragon years and names are lucky. So that year officially begins today. And boy does it begin. If anybody has every had dealings with international companies based in China, you know that the country shuts down for 15 days. I'm not f'ing kidding. You cannot get ANYONE on the phone for two weeks. Past business dealings aside, I have some fun things planned for this year.

I know some of you are already waiting for that d30 DM Companion. Don't worry. It's very close to ready and will probably release in just a few more weeks.

I've been secretly at work on another project that I'm feeling really good about. And, more importantly, it's been really fun to work on and has given me a chance to do over 50 illustrations so far, with another 50-100 to go.

I've also got some freebies in the works for the followers of this blog. And I'm not talking about PDFs. I'm talking about a few (though fairly small and relatively insignificant) things to actually send you in the mail! Don't get too worked up. You'll appreciate them, but I don't think you'll go spewing about them on your blogs or to your weekly gaming groups, but that's not the point anyway. Just a few small planned tokens of my appreciation for the audience and encouragement.

And now, in celebration of the Year of the Dragon, I encourage you to take a look at this: The Scroll of Nine Dragons, a 18" high by 431+" (that's almost 36 feet) long scroll from the mid 13th century (Western calendar) depicting nine dragons. (A portion of this scroll appears in my blog header and another portion is the image at the top of this blog entry.)


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  1. And also to you sir!

    Looking forward to all you have in store for us!