Friday, January 20, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week: Sea Creature Generator (and d30 DM Companion Update)

This week's d30 Feature is exactly what it sounds like. The movement information is given in Oe/1e, but I'm sure you guys can figure it out for converting to BX.

To download a free PDF of today's chart from MediaFire, click here.

On a side-but-related note, I got my proofing/test printing copy back yesterday for the d30 DM Companion and will start proofing that bitch this weekend! Sooooo, sooooo close!


  1. First off, LOVE your site and all the resources you provide!

    Second, can't wait for your d30 Companion! What a great idea! You've sold at least one already!

    Thirdly, looking at this generator, did you intend for us to roll twice on table SCG3. Once for AC and again for movement? And, I'm assuming AC is Descending (where lower is better)?

    Thanks again for all you contribute to our hobby!


  2. Thanks, PB!

    I'm pretty excited about the d30 book myself. And, honestly, can't wait to get started on the followup (Wilderness Companion, which this chart is intended for.)

    On the AC and Move... yes, the intention was to roll separately, but because the lower ACs (which is better, to answer the last question) pairs with slower movement, and the faster movement (better) pairs with higher ACs (worse), if you wanted to get away with one roll you could.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply!

    Just looking over the page again and the layout is very nice! Great choice of art too :)

    A wilderness book too! SWEET!

    I'm fairly new to the OSR but was around when the original was in its heyday... but, like many others, my parents were on the D&D is evil campaign so I never got a chance to experience it until now. My kids and I are SO loving the OSR and quite frankly can't imagine a better system to orient kids and parents together around a common theme.

    I work with kids as a profession and have noticed a distinct lack of imagination with this current generation. I am all for video games but there is something to be said about using your imagination to picture what's going on as opposed to being spoon fed your visuals.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your imagination with my family and I suspect many others as well!