Wednesday, January 4, 2012

d30 DM Companion Update: 1/2 PAGE LEFT!!!

I'm just a couple of days away from getting the file off for a POD tests for the book, which will also be my proofing/editing copy. I have to finish the "Dungeon Embellishments" page (1/2 done with it) and do about three more small "space-filler" illustrations.

I've also added a "Room-stocking Template" on the inside back cover. It's a page (for photocopying) that provides a worksheet with areas for describing everything you might need when stocking a dungeon room (map, description, traps, monster stats, and treasure.)

So, without further ado, the final T.O.C.
Classed NPCs: 900 base types
The “Complete” NPC: 27,000 combinations of physical traits, personality and quirks
Non-classed NPCs (Merchants, Traders, Misc.): 27,000 variants
Added Skills: 30 secondary skills to create more “well-rounded”/unique NPCs
Attribute Generator: quick slot-based attribute generation for classed and non-classed NPCs
Character Motivations: 30 character motivations for freelance adventurers
Quick Character Inventory: Weapons, Armor & Class-specific Equipment

Dungeon Features (General): Walls, Floors and Doors
Dungeon Embellishments: Room Types, Strange Occurrences, TBD
Miscellaneous Dungeon Debris
Molds, Slimes and Mushrooms
Room Trap Generator
Treasure Containers, Protection and Miscellaneous Magic Trap Effects
Poison Generator

Monster Encounters: Overview, Number Appearing Determination Chart
Monster Encounter Tables: Levels 1-3
Monster Encounter Tables: Levels 4-5
Edition Guide to Monster Lisitings
Monster Encounter Tables: Levels 6-7
Monster Encounter Tables: Levels 8-9
Monster Encounter Descriptions: Ant - Demon, Class V
Monster Encounter Descriptions: Demon, Succubus - Hell Hound
Monster Encounter Descriptions: Hobgoblin - Purple Worm
Monster Encounter Descriptions: Rat, Giant - Zombie
Monster Encounter Descriptions: Human and Humanoid Types (Classed)

Quick Treasure Horde Generation I: Overview, Gems, Jewels
Quick Treasure Horde Generation: II Copper, Silver Electrum, Gold, Platinum
Quick Treasure Horde Generation III: Magic Items, Individual Treasure Types
Gems & Gem-centric Jewelry
Elven/Dwarven Jewelry
Magic Items I: Weapons, Armor & Protective Items
Magic Items II: Scrolls
Magic Items III: Potions
Magic Items IV: Summon/Control/Command Items
Magic Items V: Miscellaneous Magic Items I
Magic Items VI: Miscellaneous Magic Items II

Open Game License & Copyright Information
Room-stocking Template


  1. Ooh, that's a nice-looking d30 you've got in the picture. Best not let my better half see that - she'll be wanting one.

  2. Thanks. The photo is a little greenish (on purpose, as I completely dig my Hipstamatic app on the iPhone), but the original d30 is an old (early 80s) Armory translucent gray (sort of a smoky gunmetal gray) d30.

  3. I approve of this project.

  4. I'm very excited to get my hands on this.