Thursday, March 3, 2016

2 More Basic Psionics Abilities: Catapsi and Skate

This is another post in a series of additions for the Basic Psionics Handbook. Thus far, this has included: the celebrilith, some new powers (ectoplasmic form, detection of psionics, brain lock, mind trap), and yesterday's phthisic. The phthisic included a couple of powers that needed BXΨ write-ups, so here they are: catapsi (a synaptic static like power) and skate.

(telepathic major science)
Range: 0' (personal)
Duration: 1 round/psionic level
Area of effect: 30' radius

By manifesting this power, the psionicist generates psychic static, interfering with the ability of other psionic characters to manifest powers (the user is not affected by their own catapsi manifestation). Each time another psionic user attempts to manifest a psionic power within the radius of this power, they must make a successful psionic saving throw or the PSP cost of the power is doubled. This power does not effect psionic powers manifested outside the range of the catapsi or before the catapsi went into effect.

Because the PSP cost of the ability is effectively doubled, it affects the total number of powers the psionic character may have active at the same time; thus, a subject may not be able to manifest their highest-level powers. If manifesting a power would cause a manifester in the area of effect to exceed their available PSPs or spending limits, the manifestation fails automatically, but no PSPs are expended.

(psychoportative minor discipline)
Range: 0' (personal)
Duration: 2 turns
Area of effect: see below

This power allows the psionicist, another willing creature, or an unattended object (total weight up to 100 lb./level) to slide along solid ground as if on smooth ice. If the psionicist manifests skate on themself or another creature, the subject of the power retains equilibrium by mental desire alone, allowing them to gracefully skate along the ground, turn, or stop suddenly as desired. The skater’s land speed increases by 30'(10'). The subject can skate up or down any incline or decline that they could normally walk upon without mishap, though skating up an incline reduces the subject’s speed to normal, and skating down a decline increases their speed by an additional 30'(10'). If the psionicist manifests skate on an object, treat the object as having only one-tenth of its normal weight for the purpose of dragging it along the ground.

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