Thursday, January 28, 2016

Basic Psionics: Additional Treasure Types

In looking at some developing/adding some new psionic monsters to the mix (especially with an eye towards what kind of psionic adventure I might run at NTRPGCon), I was considering the addition of some new treasure types to the B/X mix. Any feedback on these is appreciated.

W: as “A” but with 30% chance of any 3 psionic items (replacing chance of magic items)

X: as “C” but with additional 10% chance of any 2 psionic items (in addition to chance of magic)

Y: as “I” but with 15% chance of any 1 psionic item (replacing chance of magic item)

Z: all coins and magic items as “Nil”, with 50% chance of 1-4 power stones

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