Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Basic Psionic Items Now Available in Print!

The Basic Psionics Handbook and Vault of the Faceless Giants are now both available in print through the NBD Storefront (U.S. purchasers only) and through (for worldwide purchasers, including the U.S.)

(US Addresses Only)

In addition to the books being available individually, the NBD Storefront has an exclusive bundle that includes both books, a BXΨ sticker, and a BXΨ button. Additionally, the version of Vault of the Faceless Giants available through the storefront has a separated cover (not stapled to rest of book) with a retro-blue map inside the cover. Purchases through the NBD Storefront include PDF copies fulfilled through RPGNow to the email address you use when purchasing. (Please note there is no international purchase/shipping option from the NBD Storefront at this time.)

If you live outside the U.S., or are looking to bundle purchases of these books with others, or you're using a coupon code, both books can be purchased at If you email a copy of your Lulu receipt (showing items purchased) to, I will do my best to send complimentary PDF copies of these purchases (fulfilled through RPGNow).(Please note the is unable to print on the inside covers of paperback books, so the map for Vault of the Faceless Gods appears across the center spread of the book in B&W).


  1. Very cool! Been looking forward to this.

  2. Richard, might want to fix the link to your storefront:

    1. Thanks, Brad. Fixed. The link looked correct from the back end, but was missing the "https:" in the code so blogger was defaulting to a dead page.

  3. Emboughten! Thanks for offering the two new ones as a combo +Richard LeBlanc - I have all your products and look forward to adding these to my collection and putting them to regular use!
    If you ever want to discuss warehousing/fulfillment options, don't hesitate to reach out :)