Friday, December 11, 2015

12 Days of OSR Christmas
Giveaway #5 of 24:
Free Creature Compendium Print Copy
(US Residents Only)

THIS MORNING'S GIVEAWAY... 1 print copy of
Old School™ Adventures Accessory CC1:
Creature Compendium

Today's post is open to US residents only,
but there will be upcoming international giveaways (see below).

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This post is part of the 12 Days of OSR Christmas which his gloriously hosted every year by Erik Tenkar over at Tenkar's Tavern. This year, as part of the many giveaways by the folks in the OSR community, I'll be giving away the following items:
First, I'll be giving away 12 print copies of the Creature Compendium. I'll be giving away 1 copy away each day; 10 of the 12 will be open to US recipients only, 1 of the 12 will be open to Canadian residents only, and the final copy will be open to any location in the world except the US or Canada. Each print recipient will get a PDF copy as well.

Second, I'll be giving away 12 PDFs of the Basic Psionics Handbook; again, I'll be giving away 1 copy each day.
In a nutshell, I'm making 2 posts each day for commenters... 1 for the Creature Compendium and 1 for the Basic Psionics Handbook. Each will be open for 24 hours, offset by 12 hours from the other giveaway. Creature Compendium comments on a post are open from 6am EST (when the post goes up) to 6am EST the next day (when comments for that post close, and the next post goes up for comments). and Basic Psionics Handbook comments 6pm EST (when the post goes up) to 6pm EST the next day (when comments for that post close, and the next post goes up for comments).

All winning print items will be shipped at the conclusion of this contest. All winning PDF items will be sent (through OBS) within 48 hours of the selection of the winner for that day.

UPDATE: Congratulations to G-woulf on being selected as the recipient of this item!
As a reminder, winners are selected via the following process: 1) I print out a list of the comments, I strike through double and triple commenters (many of which I know are accidents from the blog posting process), then I number the remaining comments and choose a random winner from those (which I have, so far, been letting Siri take care of).


  1. The early bird gets the compendium. I hope.

  2. Good luck and thanks for the contest!

  3. Thank you. The OSR community is awesome!

  4. Thank you. The OSR community is awesome!

  5. The creature compendium is a great book with enough ideas to inspire a very unique campaign setting on its own.

  6. I'm not trying to stuff the ballot box, but my first attempt at posting seems to have... not.

  7. On the third (third?) day of OSR Christmas...

  8. Try to do this again, Great series of books/supplements. You can NEVER have too many monsters!

  9. Comment-comment-comment on the Creature Compedium.

  10. Everyone needts to know more about creatures.

  11. Thanks for doing this, count me in!

  12. This is incredibly generous. I am.

  13. Reaching for the gold ring again :)

    1. Congratulations on being chosen as the recipient for this item! Email your snail mail info to:
      12days (at) newbigdragon (dot) com
      ...and I'll get you hooked up! (Reminder, all print winners will ship at one time, at the end of the giveaways.)

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  15. Comments on this giveaway or officially closed. Choosing a recipient momentarily.

  16. And the winner of this giveaway is G-woulf! Congrats