Sunday, December 13, 2015

12 Days of OSR Christmas
Giveaway #10 of 24:
Free PDF of Basic Psionics Handbook

1 free PDF copy of
Old School™ Adventures Accessory PX1:
Basic Psionics Handbook

Comment on this post to be included
in the "drawing" for this item.
Comments close at 6pm EST tomorrow
(December 14, 2015).


This post is part of the 12 Days of OSR Christmas which his gloriously hosted every year by Erik Tenkar over at Tenkar's Tavern. This year, as part of the many giveaways by the folks in the OSR community, I'll be giving away the following items:
First, I'll be giving away 12 print copies of the Creature Compendium. I'll be giving away 1 copy away each day; 10 of the 12 will be open to US recipients only, 1 of the 12 will be open to Canadian residents only, and the final copy will be open to any location in the world except the US or Canada. Each print recipient will get a PDF copy as well.

Second, I'll be giving away 12 PDFs of the Basic Psionics Handbook; again, I'll be giving away 1 copy each day.
In a nutshell, I'm making 2 posts each day for commenters... 1 for the Creature Compendium and 1 for the Basic Psionics Handbook. Each will be open for 24 hours, offset by 12 hours from the other giveaway. Creature Compendium comments on a post are open from 6am EST (when the post goes up) to 6am EST the next day (when comments for that post close, and the next post goes up for comments). and Basic Psionics Handbook comments 6pm EST (when the post goes up) to 6pm EST the next day (when comments for that post close, and the next post goes up for comments).

All winning print items will be shipped at the conclusion of this contest. All winning PDF items will be sent (through OBS) within 48 hours of the selection of the winner for that day.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Jeremy Smith on being selected as the recipient of this item!
This one gave me a chance to use a d30 to pick the winner, and the roll was a 3!


  1. Another evening, another chance. Lucky first?

  2. Replies
    1. Congrats, Jeremy! You've been selected to receive this item. Please email your OBS (RPGNow/DriveThruRPG) email address to:
      12days (at) newbigdragon (dot) com
      and I get your code sent to you for your free PDF!

  3. Count me in. Thanks, Tenkar and Richard!

  4. I saw Mommy id insinuating Santa Claus
    Underneath the gnoll statue last night...

  5. In like Finn. Yes, I meant Finn and not Flynn.

  6. Did I win yet? Did I... No? Okay, let's try again :-)

  7. excited to dig into this book, possibly! :)

  8. Been wanting to get this since it came out. Here's hoping I get lucky!

  9. Alas that I missed out on a physical copy of the Creature Compendium, but I can at least enjoy it as part of my near-complete PDF collection of NBDG - lacking only this very PDF! Even though my only oldschool gaming lies back in the mists of time (a pre-teen before there was a word was used), and my playing/running these days in in the latest edition of the greatest roleplaying game, my oldschool _reading_ is my joy. That magic of those first few dice rolls by the light of a desk lamp, the scratch of the pencil on goldenrod sheets, the abrupt agony of that first death (within moments, I now believe, of entering Ravenloft - my godbrother was a cruel DM to start me out that way ;) )... that _weirdness_ that has somewhat been cleansed from the more modern editions, or buried under baroque flourishes... that is what your stuff brings back to life for me. ... Erm. You probably didn't need all this ;) But it is here as a thank you - for all the meaty, delicious, freebies (Ogress!!!); the fabulous community collaborations (Petty Gods! I could build a world on Appendix E alone...). You've got the stylistic touch of the early modules, all grown up; simply beautiful.

    And yes, it'd be really nice if I could win Basic Psionics :) Only reason it wasn't an instabuy for me (unlike the rest of your work, since I stumbled across Ogress) was that I've never played in a game with Psionics before, and opinions seem very polarized about the whole concept...

  10. IF you could read my mind, you'd see how much i want to win this!

  11. Thank you for continuing this over so many days.

  12. Maybe this will convince me that psionics is a good thing to add to old school games.

  13. I see an image forming in my mind.... it's that of one of the people posting in this thread... they seem to have been given a gift.... a PDF!

  14. Still thinking hard that I'm going to win this one....

  15. These are the psionics I'm looking for...

  16. These are the psionics I'm looking for...

  17. Entries are closed. Picking momentarily (and I get to use a d30 to do it)!