Monday, August 17, 2015

New BX/LL Psionic Class: The Savant

Welcome to Day 2 of my new BX character classes week. Today's new class is a psionic-based class similar to the sauteur from last week. As mentioned in the sauteur post, I've been considering for a while the idea of several new character classes, each dedicated to one of the chakra/discipline groups (per the in-progress Basic Psionics Handbook). This is the second one I've fleshed out... what I'm calling "The Savant (Version I)." The reason I say "Version I" is because I've already written another savant (not surprisingly referred to as "Version II"). Version II is more of a general genius possessing a mix of sage/MU/cleric abilities.


Please note that this character class requires use of Old School Adventures™ Accessory PX1: Basic Psionics Handbook.

The savant is a individual who has accessed his or her mystical powers of clairsentience, and applies that knowledge practically to the art of combat.

The prime requisites of a savant are Intelligence and Wisdom. If a savant has a score of 13 or greater in both Intelligence and Wisdom, the character will gain a +5% bonus on earned experience points. If a savant has an Intelligence of 13 or greater AND a Wisdom of 16 or greater, the character will gain a +10% bonus on earned experience.

Savants use the same attack tables as fighters, and the same saving throw tables as clerics.

RESTRICTIONS: Savants determine their hit points with six-sided dice (d6). In order to access his or her abilities, the sauteur must be able to gain as much sensory perception as possible. Metal armor and shields disrupt this ability. Therefore, a savant is restricting to wearing only hide or leather armor, and may use only hide or wood shields. Furthermore, a savant may never wear a helmet. A savant may use any type of weapon, and is permitted to use any type of magic item with one exception: only those items which provide clairsentient abilities may be worn on a savant’s head. A savant may not progress beyond 14th level of experience.

When a savant reaches name (9th) level, he or she may choose to build an academy to train young clairsentients. Once constructed, the academy will attract a new “class” of 1d6 students (first level savants) every three years.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Through concentration, study, and practice, savants have learned to attune their minds into the wavelengths of the space around them, allowing them to harness the power of clairsentience. As savants rise in level, they gain access to major sciences and minor devotions in the clairsentient discipline. Additionally, they grow in the practical application of their sensory abilities and are able to apply them to combat. Because the savant is dedicated to such practial application of knowledge, savants earn PSPs at a much more restricted rate than mystics, gaining only 2 PSPs per psionic level. Savants are subject to the same “character time” requirements as other psionicists for the daily regeneration of PSPs—an undisturbed meditative period (usually about an hour) after a full-night (8 hours) of rest.

As the savant rises in level, a number of other special abilities are gained as outlined below:
Danger Sense. For all savants this ability is automatic, with a range of 10' per level, a permanent duration, and no PSP cost. From 1st through 8th level, a savant is surprised only on a 1. Beginning at 9th level, a savant is never surprised. When the psionic ability of the same name is used by a savant, it doubles the range for the duration of the ability.

Understand Enemy. The savant has an innate ability to pick up on the most minor of clues (a look, a thought, a gesture, etc.), and to understand the move that his or her enemy will take next. This provides the savant a bonus in combat for all ranged and melee attacks.

Combat Premonition. With this ability, the savant is able to know instinctually when an attack is being made against him, providing the savant an AC bonus.
Note Regarding Psionic Combat Mode Vulnerability
For the purposes of psionic Combat Modes, savants are considered to be psionic individuals. However, savants cannot possess Combat Modes (as they fall outside the clairsentient disciplines to which they have access). This makes savants particularly susceptible to psionic attacks! For DMs running psionic campaigns, this vulnerability should be kept in mind when designing encounters for characters of the savant class.


  1. I think you have the wrong entry under "Additional Notes" at 11th level, as it repeats the "+1 to hit on all attacks" that was gained at 4th level then superseded by the +2 at 7th level...

  2. You're right. Thanks for catching that. It should be +3 at 11th, and +4 at 14th.
    I'll change it in the source, but it may not get updated in the graphic.