Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New BX/LL "Planar" Class: The Sauteur

So I guess I'm making this "planes" week on the blog. Following Sunday's post about the hierarchy of the Abyss, and Monday's post with the new Abyssal vermin creatures, I'm using today to introduce a new character class — the sauteur (the French word for "jumper"). For a while, I've been considering the idea of several new character classes, each dedicated to one of the chakra/discipline groups (per the in-progress Basic Psionics Handbook). And given that I've decided to make this week dedicated to planar posts, I figured it was time to flesh this one out.


Please note that this character class requires use of Old School Adventures™ Accessory PX1: Basic Psionics Handbook.*

The sauteur is a mystical combatant capable of subverting the physical limitations of the Prime Material Plane, and accessing the powers of psychoportation.

The prime requisites of a sauteur are Strength and Wisdom. If a sauteur has a score of 13 or greater in both Strength and Wisdom, the character will gain a +5% bonus on earned experience points. If a sauteur has a Strength of 13 or greater AND a Wisdom of 16 or greater, the character will earn a +10% bonus on earned experience.

Sauteurs use the same attack and saving tables as fighters.

RESTRICTIONS: Sauteurs determine their hit points with six-sided dice (d6). In order to access his or her abilities, the sauteur must be able to “tune” his or her body into wavelengths of the various planes of existence. Metal armor and shields disrupt this ability. Therefore, a sauteur is restricting to wearing only hide or leather armor, and may use only hide or wood shields. They may use any weapon, and are permitted the same magic items as fighters. Sauteurs may not progress beyond 14th level of experience. A sauteur must have a minimum score of 9 in Constitution.

When a sauteur reaches name (9th) level, he or she may choose to build a fortress. If the sauteur has access to the major science of probability travel, he or she may construct that fortress on any plane accessible by the sauteur. The sauteur will not attract followers. However, planar natives may be hired by the sauteur to serve in the fortress. Should the sauteur’s means allow, he or she may build additional outposts in other planes as well.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Through concentration, study, and practice, sauteurs have learned to attune their bodies to the wavelengths of the various planes of existence, allowing them to harness the power of psychoportation. As sauteurs rise in level, they gain access to major sciences and minor devotions in the psychoportative discipline. Because the sautuer dedicates himself to both the physical and the mystical, sauteurs earn PSPs at a much more restricted rate than mystics, gaining only 2 PSPs per psionic level. Sauteurs are subject to the same “character time” requirements as other psionicists for the daily regeneration of PSPs—an undisturbed meditative period (usually about an hour) after a full-night (8 hours) of rest.

As the sauteur rises in level, a number of other special abilities are gained as outlined below:
See into the Ethereal. This allows the sauteur to see directly from the Material into the Ethereal Plane.

Strike Planar Natives. Through a “partial phasing" of his or her body, the sauteur is able to make a melee strike against a native of a specified plane that would otherwise require a +1 magical weapon “to hit” (e.g., at 7th level, the sauteur would be able to strike an elemental with a normal weapon).

Strike Planar Natives with Bonus. As Strike Planar Native above, except the sauteur strikes with +1 bonuses on “to hit” and damage rolls against the specified planar native. Alternately, this ability allows the sauteur to make a melee strike against a planar native that would otherwise require a +2 weapon “to hit” (but without the +1 “to hit” and damage bonuses).
Note Regarding Psionic Combat Mode Vulnerability
For the purposes of psionic Combat Modes, sauteurs are considered to be psionic individuals. However, sautuers cannot possess Combat Modes (as they fall outside the psychoportative disciplines to which they have access). This makes sauteurs particularly susceptible to psionic attacks! For DMs running psionic campaigns, this vulnerability should be kept in mind when designing encounters for characters of the sauteur class.

* And before you ask, I'm still working on it, but it's VERY close. I hope to release it in the next couple of months!

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