Friday, June 19, 2015

d30 Feature of the Week: d30 Worm Generator

Alrighty, folks! Right on the slithering tail of last week's d30 Snake Generator, today's PDF download is a d30 Worm Generator. This continues the new monster generator tables I've been working on. For those who've been playing along at home, here are the predecessors:
d30 Snake Generator
d30 Spider Generator
d30 Chimera Generator
d30 Blob Generator (Jellies, Oozes, Puddings, Slimes)
d30 Plant Monster Generator
d30 Giant Generator
d30 Sea Creature Generator
d30 Troll Mutations
(And I ask again, "Do you see where this is going?")

Click here to download a free PDF of d30 Worm Generator page from MediaFire.

1 comment:

  1. The blob generator gets an inordinate amount of use in my scribblings....