Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yet Another Expanded Petty Gods Update

Have a ton to do today so I'll make this short and sweet.

All copy is complete, minus the artists index!!!
I finished writing all the section intros and accompanying explanatory notes. I still would like to make a general content edit pass before I start doling out proofreading work, and I need to make the style sheet they'll use to check against, but this feels like a MAJOR accomplishment. It not only means all copy is complete, it also means that I now know every specific arthole there is to be filled.

I ordered a test print copy from last night.
There were still a couple of copy holes in the version I sent off (which I filled this morning). And there are still a few dozen "black boxes" acting as placeholders for final art pieces. But I did put the cover together, including a potential back cover. I want to see how it prints before I reveal it. (I'm not sure it works with the front cover, but it's hard to know until I see it "in hand").

There are less than 20 god/minion illustrations left to complete.
That's the good news. The bad news is, between the Divine Items, Spells, and Appendix art needs, there are still like 50 total illustrations that need to be done (including the gods/minions). I've created a list for this, so I know exactly what needs to happen, but I need some time this weekend to assess the list and put plans in place for getting this taken care of.

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