Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Expanded Petty Gods Update

Things keep trucking along with final elements. As I mentioned over the past week, I've completed the gods index and the writers index.

The other big step last week was getting the stats edit from Matthew Skail. Mostly, that just means he filled in a LOT of "TBDs" (particularly for Hoard Classes and Experience Points) throughout the book, and he called "BS" on a few additional XP stats. I know this was a daunting task, and his assistance was invaluable. That means all of the TBDs have now been filled in, except for some artist credits for some as-yet-undone art pieces.

Over the weekend, I started to work on the content for the intro/overview/explanatory notes page that begins each major section. I completed the "Minions" and "Spells" intro pages, I have an outline completed for the "Divine Items" intro page, and I have some reference notes for the Cults intro page. I'm hoping by the end of the week I'll be able to finish these pages. I'm also hoping to make a general edit pass of the book to tweak style issues and edit a few specific entries with the goal of releasing parts of the book to proofreaders next week. (I will be reaching out this week to those folks who've volunteered their services, in order to check on availability, etc.).

There will also be an "Appendix N." The list of authors/works referenced specifically inside the book is about 2/3 done, and Greg Gorgonmilk and Matthew Schmeer are working on helping me finish this out, as well working to create the "Inspirational Reading" list.

Things are moving, people. Things are moving!

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