Monday, January 13, 2014

I promise, I'm not resting on my d30 laurels.

First off, I do have to thank you all for helping make the d30 Sandbox Companion #1 at for almost two weeks straight (apart from a few hours on the evening that it was overtaken by the re-release of Gazetteer #1, and a few hours last night when Kristian Richards released Basic Dungeon Tiles Expansion Set 1 - which I believe will recapture the #1 spot again before many of you read this). I also thank you all for helping make the print edition #1 at off-and-on for few days now, not to mention helping the d30 DM Companion print edition climb as high as #5 at this week (something I don't think it did even during its initial release!) There's also an interview in the works with Gaming Ballistic, for those who will be interested in seeing my ugly mug (as well as Welbo's), as we discuss the d30 Companions' origins, development, etc. (BTW, Gaming Ballistic is GURPS heavy, so I'm happy to see the d30SBC's acceptance outside the OSR).

As for the headline of this blog...
I promise, I'm not resting on my d30 laurels. But I also won't be making the same mistake I made back in February of 2012 when I announced the d30 Sandbox Companion. It was a tad premature. Given the relatively short development time of the d30 DM Companion, I assumed a similar schedule for the d30SBC. Little did I know it would end up being almost 70% longer than its predecessor. So, if you're looking here for the announcement of the next d30 book, you're not going to find it... YET. What you are going to find is this, though...

Beginning this Friday, it's back to d30 business-as-usual.
That's right, beginning this friday, I'm going back to making a weekly post of a new d30 chart as a PDF for download. This friday's chart is going to be a "d30 Lithic Location Generator" (think monoliths, stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, etc.). It's already completed, and waiting with Welbo for a brief look-over. I've also brainstormed a list of over a dozen more (that's usually the hard part). These new charts/tables will not be specifically sandbox-oriented. In fact, a few would be more at home in the d30DMC (e.g., a Dungeon Doors table that goes well beyond the small one in the upper right corner of p. 8 of the d30DMC, including specifics regarding style, size, thickness, modifiers to attempts to open, etc. - or that's the plan). That does not mean there's plans for an expanded version of either, or a new one entirely. I'm just going to keep developing new downloads, and see what shakes out.

Beginning this Wednesday, it's back to new creature business-as-usual.
I'm also trying to get back on schedule with my monster of the week posts. I've come up with a few really fun, and really "old-school" style creatures that are almost as goofy as they are cool (e.g., the snatcher serpent, and the stinking pile), but my attention has been so focused on the release of the d30SBC and the playtesting of the Valley of the Five Fires Microgame, that I've let this lapse.

There's always more going on.
But for now, mention of those things here will remain unspoken.

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