Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mail call! CC, d30SC, B&T, HOW

I took advantage of last week's Lulu sale to both do some due diligence on my own projects, as well as pick up copies of a couple of other new RPGs. And by big ol' box was waiting for me on my doorstep when I returned from lunch yesterday.

My Due Diligence: Creature Compendium
As the Creature Compendium starting growing in page count, I began to admit to myself I would probably have to go with perfect binding instead of saddle-stitch. I wanted the "non-laminated" look of the saddle-stitch books because it would match the d30 DM Companion and the d30 Sandbox Companion. But the intended color on the saddle-stitch version was dark and smeary, and the page count (72pp) made the cover buckle (this could have been from shipping/packing, but I want as much quality control as possible), so I'm going with the perfect bound option. And since it's entirely possible some pages will be added, this will be the safest option. I still have a handful of illustrations to finish, the appendices need to be written, and the whole thing needs to be proofread, but I'm close on finishing this one.

My Due Diligence: d30 DM Companion
Unfortunately this project is VERY close to completion, but has been on the back burner. Work demands of my co-conspirator Welbo has severely limited his time and our proofing on this has gotten way behind schedule. The book is essentially done (though we picked up 2 new pages we're trying to decide how to use). The introduction section still needs a little work, but the Companions are VERY proofing heavy. I'm hoping the holiday week gives us a chance to catch up. As for the proofing copy I received, the cover looks great, and the layout is tight. Just a tweak here and there (and maybe an illustration or two) but this is also very close.

B&T & H&OW
Like I said above, I also used the Lulu discount opportunity to pick up a couple of other items I'd been wanting, namely John Stater's Blood & Treasure (Complete Rules paperback), and Chris Brandon's Heroes & Other Worlds. At 380 pages, B&T seems a bit daunting to dig into, so it's like to sit for a couple of weeks before I find the time. HOW, on the other hand, is compact and seems like a quick study. Besides, I've always been a Fantasy Trip fan, so I'm anxious to dig into CB's take on this one.

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