Friday, December 7, 2012

Get a Print Copy of the d30 DM Companion for $6.44

Lulu is having a 20% Off Sale through December 14. I've discounted the list price of the d30 DM Companion print copy to $8.05 (from $8.95). Add in the 20% savings for Lulu's sale and that means you get the d30 DM Companion for $6.44 (a $2.51 savings over the standard price.) This is the perfect opportunity for you to buy a handful and hand them out to your gaming group as Christmas presents!

Get the Print Copy at Lulu for $6.44 (w/ Lulu discount) > 
Get the clickable PDF for its everyday low price of $3.00 at RPGNow! >

What else should go in your basket? Here's what's going in mine...
Blood & Treasure (Soft Cover) by John Stater
• The TFT-inspired Heroes & Other Worlds by Fenway5 (aka Chris Brandon)

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