Monday, November 5, 2012

Jumping into the NaGa DeMon Pool!

A very small note to say that my co-conspirator Welbo and I have jumped into the NaGa Demon pool. Unfortunately, we like our idea so much, we're having to keep it a secret. Let's just say it's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG time coming for this.

What I can tell you...

It's nothing we've ever mentioned on this blog before.) So, it's not Starmasters, or The System: Expanded, or Riot Squad, or StoryCode AG, all of which are "ground-up" designs based on our own mechanics and systems. Instead, it's an OGL "retro-clone based" mechanic (hopefully allowing us to finish before the end of the month), in a setting that's been oft-talked-about, but (to our knowledge) never attempted. So, it is a retro-clone in the sense of mechanics and spirit, but it's not a retro-clone specifically, in that you will not see fighters, dwarves, owlbears, and so on. You will see classes, and you will see saving throws. More importantly, we're hoping that you'll see it and say... "Why didn't anybody do this before?"

I just hope that when it's done, it's playable.

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