Sunday, November 11, 2012

1763 English Indenture

This is something my father-in-law bought a couple of decades ago, and he just doesn't have a place for it. My mother-in-law is an obsessive collector and between the hoards of items lining the shelves and walls of their soon-to-be-smaller home, I doubt there was really ever room for it. It's an English deed from "the Second Year of the Reign of our Sovereign King George the Fourth." It is currently in my hands, but he's looking to part with it. He believes he paid about $200 for it when he bought it (from some vintage document place in Ft. Worth, TX that he thinks is probably not around anymore), and he's trying to get $100 for it now. If anyone is interested. If so, just figure that shipping charges will be on top of the $100 (other offers and interesting trades considered).

Doesn't your fighter deserve an actual deed for the land on which his stronghold sits?

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  1. I am interested! Please send me a PM: