Saturday, June 26, 2021

B/X Thieves Guild Info — Associations with Other Guilds

This is the 3rd of my posts for a B/X thieves’ guild reference I'm working on. I had planned to post the guild services information today, but based on a comment from yesterday's post by Chris Stogdill asking about beggars as a racket, I'm jumping to the section on the thieves' guild's relationship with other guilds (assassins, beggars, bards). 

Associations with Other Guilds 

Thieves’ guilds are most likely to cooperate with guilds of assassins, beggars, and bards. 

Assassins. Thieves and assassins are, in many ways, kindred spirits. They will usually maintain at relationship that is, at a minimum, moderately friendly. They will share information and even plan together. However, this association can become strained if the assassins are particularly evil or the thieves particularly disreputable.

Beggars. Beggars are a great source of information, and make great spies. They seem harmless to most, and may not seem suspicious in places where others would. Not to mention, they work cheap. When beggars and thieves guilds maintain a good relationship, the beggars guild may even allow thieves to spy by posing as beggars within the territories maintained by the beggars guild.

Bards. Though they train as thieves and rogues, there is no natural connection between bards and thieves—they don’t think alike, and they don’t necessarily like each other. 

In lieu of the DM scripting a thieves’ guild’s relationship with these other guilds, a 3d6 roll may be made on the table below.

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