Sunday, March 7, 2021

Call for Expanded Petty Gods Corrections!

Okay. so with the recent dealings with Expanded Petty Gods, and the fact that this coming week is Spring Break for me (from my collegiate teaching duties), it seems like the perfect opportunity to rectify some minor issues with Expanded Petty Gods. If you have noticed a typo, or know of a credit that needs changing, please post it in the comments below. 

I am mostly concerned with crediting issues, but will address typos and inconsistencies as I'm able.

PLEASE LIMIT COMMENTS TO CORRECTIONS ONLY! (Otherwise, I'll have to dig through comments to find true edits and fear edits getting lost.) 


  1. As the creator of Mico p.110 may I suggest a revision to the reaction table? "Instead of Charisma, modify **downward** by the average number...

  2. Thanks so much for coming back to this. I have two corrections.

    LLEWEL (p. 92 in print/ Sec1:92 in .pdf)
    I think Llewel's text / concept should be credited to: Alexandra Ausborn.

    (Llewel was definitely not created by David Haraldson/ yours truly, as much as I wish I had. IIRC, Alexandra's name is indexed on p. 374 as appearing on p. 92 AND Greg Gorgonmilk's old blog listed her as creating Llewel [but I can't find that in the Wayback Machine again].)

    LITTLE LIGHTS (p. 91):
    Under the "CURSE" sub-section, the text reads:

    Lights carried by the victim will more quickly, lasting only 75% of their expected duration.


    Lights carried by the victim will burn more quickly, lasting only 75% of their expected duration.

  3. I think I remember the guide words being off for a few sections, let me take another look.

  4. 4 edits:

    1. Top right-hand corner of page 157: "SANT BROTHERS" is incorrect. It should instead read "SEINTIAU".

    2. The big, dark font right underneath Poag's illustrations on page 157 ("Sant Brothers") is incorrect. It should instead read "Seintiau".

    3. In the first paragraph of page 157, the last sentence mentions "all three brothers". This is incorrect. It should instead read "all three seintiau".

    4. On page 371, "Sant Brothers" is incorrect. It should instead read "Seintiau".


    I am the author of these three petty gods. All three are based on real-life saints of Wales. The word "saint" in Welsh is "sant", the word "saints" in Welsh is "seintiau". The three petty gods are NOT brothers. Each is a saint (a "sant", thus "Teilo Sant", etc.).

  5. Hi - good news on the 'restoration' of EPG
    For Lubella, please update pronouns to they/their
    Aretia stun attack should be rounds, not turns. Listed on incorrect page in index (215 vs 216)(I am author)

  6. Aeshek (p.211). End of first paragraph should have "muumuus" to match second paragraph, not "mumus" as currently.

  7. Bat-faced Strokechucker (p.219,para 5). Should read "groups of 3 or fewer".

    Braner (p.222, para 1). A sentence contains "they are regarded variously as outer lodes". I can't guess what an "outer lode" is, I imagine it means "outer god"?

    Braner enhancing items (p.223, para 2). Missing the mentioned spell list entirely.

    Senior Decade (p.243, para 1). Should read "each possesses fewer than two".

    Merkor (p.246, para 2). Should read "only to be mentally overwhelmed", not "overhwelmed".

    Ouster Ape (p.254, para 2). Should read "begin to whale", not "wale".

    Scrapper (p. 258, table entry 10). Remove final full period for consistency.

    1. I wrote Ouster Ape, and "wale" is the appropriate spelling. "Whale" is the animal and "wail" is the screech.

    2. Apologies, I see it's a UK/US thing. In the UK we don't use "wale" we use "whale" (see verb here):

  8. Page 199, Art for Yggrd is attributed to "TBD"

  9. Page 368 Lady of Cauldrons is listed as Lawful instead of Chaotic