Sunday, April 14, 2019

I'm still alive and well...
and working on something new! (sort of)

Okay. Here's the preview of what I've been secretly working on the last few months (during the little time here and there that I had -- mainly as a distraction from life things). It was going to be a mini-splatbook of evil stuff, and it came out as Dragon Horde Volume 2, Issue 1. Welbo and I are still figuring out the final format (though it will be in the digest-to-6x9 range), with color cover and B&W interior.

It uses all PD images with mostly new content (1 article is picked up from an old blog post, and the new magic items were mainly pulled from the magic item community I had going over at G+). The final content includes:
  • new class: deathslayer
  • new class: shadow walker
  • new spells
  • new magic items
  • optional rules for killing vampires
  • 4 new monsters: crypt riddler, korper, hill haunt, spawn of Chuamisi
  • new petty god (Anguia Umbra, petty god of toxicophilia) and his spawn (Azamu)
  • a low-to-mid level adventure (The Black Chapel)
  • a couple of d30 tables (quirks caused by becoming unhinged; methods of sacrifice)

And here's the preview (there will be some minor changes—I've already realized one major oversight).


  1. Will premier this at the NTRPGCon at the beginning of June, and release the Lulu version mid-to-late June.

  2. Looking forward to this!

    Do you plan to release all the D30 tables you've posted on the blog in another Sandbox or DM companion? I keep thinking I'm just going to print and bind them myself, because they're wonderful and more likely to get used if they're in dead tree form. But then I fear I'll get it paginated and you'll insert some new thing, like the Rat generator.

    What art thou planning?

  3. ...I have dug back through your posts and saw that in 2014 you were talking about, possibly, assembling the various D30 charts you had created, and others, into additional books. I look forward to that day. In the mean time I guess I will single sided print the material you have created so that I WILL use it and not forget it's on the computer, and then will be first in line when you have them all ready. Hopefully that's still a think you want to do.

    I am mightily impressed, and own both PDFS and dead tree versions of the Sandbox and DM companions, as well as the Creature Compendium and Basic Psionic Handbook. Keep doing what you're doing, and I'll keep buying and being amazed.

    1. Yes. Planning on new d30 books. Need to let some personal things finish shaking out first. Look for details later this summer.