Monday, March 6, 2017

New B/X Character Classes: 3 Barbarians

Please note: this is a preview/beta version only. It is not considered Open Gaming Content until the official release of Old School Adventures™ Accessory CX1: Character Class Codex. AND BEFORE YOU ASK!!!! It will be late 2017 or early 2018 AT THE EARLIEST!!!! This is not priority right now. I am simply releasing some "stockpiled" material because it feels like the OSR blogosphere needed it.

This PDF has the following three classes: a "berskerker" barbarian, a "wildling" barbarian (with survival skills, tracking abilities and the like), and a "horde" barbarian (adapted from the 1e Oriental Adventures barbarian).

Click here to download the PDF. >>


  1. Appreciate this, who doesn't love a good barbarian?!

  2. I've always liked Berserker Barbarians.

  3. I have since taken to playing a Dwarven Berserker. I created a character using the extras from Jason's Dungeon Dozens and ended up with a beardless exiled prince. People seem to not get the irony of a dwarf barbarian since dwarves typically ooze civil behavior.