Monday, January 9, 2017

A little experiment: looking for links to OSR material (blog posts/free downloads) related to undead

I'm going to try a little experiment here. I'm looking for links to OSR-gaming-related blog posts (including links to downloads) of material related to undead. It could be new classes, combat rules, magic items, free adventures, reviews, new monsters, etc. Please, no links to actual commercial products, though PWYW items are considered.

I would prefer if the entire content at the link is undead-related (as opposed to say just 25% of what's at the post), but all input will be considered.

For example, here's a few from my own blog over the last few years:

How to Embalm a Corpse
Optional Rules for Killing a Vampire
Tomb of Ludor the Beheader (one-page adventure)
New Monster: Flailing Spirit
New Monster: Bestial Beast

If there is something undead-related as part of a larger post, then call it out. For example...

At this link, there is a spell called "Animate Warrior" (animates warrior zombies)

Before the link, it would help if there's a description. E.g.,


Okay. Let 'er rip!


  1. You're trying to drive us off G+?! Why? Leave us in the armpits of our overlords!

    But, here is an old undead-ish post:

  2. This has been handy for me:

  3. This is a skeleton class I wrote a while back that I am pretty satisfied with:

  4. Here's a zombie class for the Black Hack that made for some fun when a player of mine got resurrected:

    I suspect converting to other retroclones wouldn't be difficult.

  5. I did a couple of articles about undead in AD&D. The second has an updated turning table with the addition of the FF, MM2, and OA monsters.

  6. An oldie from my blog:

  7. Some pseudorandom attributes to add to your undead encounters in DCC style:

  8. My Undead OSR Stuff

    Vampiric Wraith

    Undead Yeti Guardian

    Demon Corpse (undeadish)

    Jason Voorhees

    Herbert West, Re-animator

    Class or Race: (not all undead in the posts but does include...)
    Dark Shadows Vampire

    Dhampir, Living Dead, Ghoul

    Supernatural OSR Races including ghouls, living dead, lich, mummy, vampire types, etc.

    House of Darkness, a modern OSR Vampire themed adventure.

  9. I have 3 undead monsters

  10. I got two old posts like that. One is an undead prestige class for the D&D RC:

    And the second is about pimping your basic zombies:

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  12. Here are a few undead-related posts I've made over the last few years.

    Of the Unquiet Dead and Things that Go Bump in the Night, a post about making undead scarier and more interesting:

    Spooks and Spirits, a post about two new supernatural beasties:

    Melting Zombie, a creature inspired by a dream after watching too much Walking Dead:

    This last one is about special immunities and weaknesses, but I think it's very relevant to undead.
    Monster Vulnerabilities:

  13. A bit late to the party but I've got a few.

    This one is pretty good:

    This one is pretty bad:

  14. For those who can read Portuguese (or if Google or Bing translation doesn't mess the text), I wrote a couple of posts regarding undead related content.

    The Tome of Doom - you might think this is the infamous tome from which Evad X'agyg got his unearthly knowledge. Actually, it's a trap that may turn the reader into an undead under control of the famous archmage.

    The Return of Breg Nodwick - A northener warrior turned into undead, commanding zombies in village attacks.

    The Tome of Five Fingers - Another of Evad X'agyg's tomes, containing part of his essence that may turn the reader into an undead, drain his life or make him smarter, but weaker.

  15. Hmm, not much of note:

    Bracelet of undead invisibility:

  16. Pseudo-undead...

  17. You might be interested in the post I wrote about the origins and early use of the turn undead mechanic here

  18. A little late to the party, and in German:
    First one of the monsters is an undead who eats your skin off your body for LL

  19. A new class and kit for OLd Dragon:

  20. Implementing the Voiceless Chambers dungeon suggested and drawn by Dyson Logos

  21. +Chris Tamms excellent Elfmaids and Octopi supplies these and more!

    Alright, I might be getting out of hand, but a combing of Chris' blog offers up hordes of things that are useful here!!