Thursday, October 27, 2016

A day of gaming in Wacko, Texas?

Okay Texans, I want some feedback on this idea/plan...

The idea came up a while back to do a 1-day game meetup in Waco, so folks from Austin and DFW would only have a 90m drive in and home. And only slightly longer for Houston-ites and San Antonians.

Saturday January 14th,, 2017, 10am-10pm
Comfort Suites Waco North

I've looked into the following: getting the meeting room at the Comfort Suites Waco North. It would accommodate 6 tables w/ 8 players each. I'm looking at getting the room from 10am to 10pm (which should pretty much allow two 5-hour-ish gaming sessions for the day with a break between at mid afternoon).

They would also arrange a block of rooms at a discounted rate for Saturday night (they can't do a block for Friday because they have a baseball group that comes in weekly and leaves Saturday morning).

If 40 people committed at $10 each for the room (I would do something like Eventbrite, so there might be a small surcharge on that) we could get the room paid for.

Also, the hotel would have no problem with people brining in their own food. I looked at the possibility of bringing in food (from non-hotel source), but don't think it's financially worth it, but there are plenty of close-by places to eat.

And now Waco isn't so dry anymore. The hotel actually has a "bar" (beer/wine; doesn't normally open until 5pm, but if they knew we were interested, they could arrange to have it open as early as noon; I'm not sure how much earlier we could arrange than that).

Could possibly do a 2-day deal if there was enough interest (for an extra $10/person).



  1. I'd put up $10 and it is doubtful I'd be able to fly there....

  2. I'm interested, but I already have plans that weekend. Maybe in February?

    Also, I probably won't end up getting a room there, so I would leave a lot earlier than 10 p.m.

    On a convention related note, are you attending MillenniumCon in Round Rock?

  3. I can commit for two. Maybe four.

  4. Greetings. I apologize sincerely for posting this comment in a completely inappropriate place, but I've tried for some time to find an email address or contact form to no avail.

    I recently ordered some products from you and one of them arrived damaged. Please help me resolve this by emailing matt at mystic works dot com. Thanks

    1. Hi Matt, just sent you an email about getting your damaged products replaced. Just reply to that email, or reply here if for some reason the email doesn't reach you. Thanks.

  5. Tempting, but I've never role-played before. Would someone be interested in walking me through a game?

    1. This is a pretty good introduction to D&D (and tabletop RPGs in general):

    2. Cool. If it were a two-day thing, I'd potentially be up for running a geomorph tile-drawing session and cheese tasting party, either in the main con room or a small room party afterward.

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  7. If you schedule it, I will come...