Thursday, August 25, 2016

Free PDF Download:
New BX Character Class - Half-orc

Almost a year ago, I mentioned that the Character Class Codex would include a half-orc, which I saw as a way "to fill in the BX need for an assassin (but using a race class to do it)."

This statement last year was not how I envisioned a BX half-orc, it was how I'd already written it. Yes. This class has existed for about a year, and I'm just sharing it now. That being said, I do believe I made this an option during my "Cold Fingers of Fate" game at NTRPGCon this past year (and IIRC, somebody actually played it; I just don't have my notes from the game handy to confirm).

Enough of my jibber-jabber. Onto that link...

Click here to download the
Half-ord character class PDF.


  1. Typo- 3rd paragraph, 2nd line "half or" should be "half-orc".

    Fresh eyes and all.

  2. Codex Appendix: Animal Classes?!?!

  3. This is brilliant stuff for B/X. I can't wait for the Character Class Compendium. If you need an illustrator for that I'm available.

  4. Adding our first Half-orc tonight. Hey Richard, restricted to Chaotic alignment? or can be Neutral?

    1. Theoretically, there is no alignment restriction (since B/X tends to avoid them). However, I am creating in alignment supplement for the back of the character book, that outlines the two axis AD&D alignment system for use in BX. If I recall correctly, that table lists all chaotic alignments as standard allowed options for the half orc, and some neutral options with DM's approval.