Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pinterest-inspired Magic Items I

I've probably never mentioned it before, and truth be told I don't use it all that much, but I do have a Pinterest account. I pretty much use it for gaming inspiration. My favorite of my boards is my "D&D Treasure Inspiration". Here are just a few of the things from the board, with my thoughts on the magic abilities of each. (BTW, I'm labeling this post "Pinterest-inspired Magic Items I" because I am assuming I'll get around to II, III, IV, etc.)

Cup of Perdika
This silver-gilt cup is crafted in the form of a partridge—an animal associated deception, not using its knowledge, and the need to learn new things. Each day, the first time the cup is filled with water and the water is imbibed, the user gains a random ability for a 6 turn duration, as outlined below (roll 1d6 to determine the ability gained for the day):
1+1 temporary point of Intelligence
2+1 temporary point of Wisdom
3ventriloquism (as magic-user spell)
4thieves abilities as 1st level thief
(or, if a thief, then as 1 level higher)
5detection of lies (within hearing range;
does not give knowledge of truth,
only indicates when speaker is lying)
6invisibility (may turn on/off at will throughout duration

Philosopher’s Coin
This large lead coin features a dot-within-a-circle on one side (the alchemical symbol for both the sun and the metal gold) and the other side features an alchemical diagram. When the coin is placed in a bag with other non-gold coins and “shaken,” it will transform the those coins (even pieces of platinum) into gold. The transformation will only affect up to 20 coins per day, and the transformation lasts for only 1d6 hours, at which time the transformed coins revert to their original metal.

Skeleton Pearl
This item appears as a pearl carved in the shape of a skull. When thrown on the ground, a smoke cloud shoots up, a skeleton (armed with shield and sword) steps out from the smoke, and the skeleton attacks the nearest living creature. The skeleton remains until killed. The pearl is consumed by the transformation.

Thorny Gauntlets
These spiked and taloned metal gauntlets strike as +1 magic weapons, and each do 1d6+1 damage on successful “to hit” rolls. Additionally, they may be used to clear brush (or similar overgrowths), allowing the user to move at regular speed under such conditions.

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