Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Basic Psionics Handbook Introductory Pricing + Updates to the NBD Catalog

By now, most of you know the Basic Psionics Handbook is available in PDF. I'm waiting on my print proof copies from Lulu.com, and pricing from my local printer for direct sales costs, but should have the print copies available within the next couple of weeks. Once the print copies are available, the PDF version will go it's normal price of $7.95, but you can still get it now for $5.99.

I've also made some additional updates to the NBD Catalog at RPGNow...

The 2014 Three Castles Award winning Valley of the Five Fires is on sale for $3 (marked down from it's normal price of $5.95). When the price of the Basic Psionics Handbook goes back to normal, so will Valley of the Five Fires. I personally think mongolian-inspired setting would make a nice backdrop for a psionics campaign using mystics and monks.

The Dragon Horde zines are now completely free (issue #1 used to be PWYW, and issue #2 was sold for $3). These are their new permanent "prices." And if I ever get around to doing some additional issues, future zine issues in PDF will always be free.


  1. Hi,
    When it becomes available on Lulu, will buying a print copy entitle to a discount on the pdf? Thanks,

    1. Unfortunately, there's not going to be an easy way to fulfill on that in this case. However, I'm trying to keep the prices reasonable in both places (RPGNow/Lulu).

      I will be offering a free PDF copy for anyone who buys directly from the NBD Square Storefront when print copies become available there, but am currently only offering shipping to domestic US addresses for purchases there.

    2. Ok thanks for the reply.

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  3. taken everything :)
    liked the psionic handbook, you got the right feel for it... looking forward to reading the rest.... why not POD on rgpnow?