Friday, July 31, 2015

d30 Feature of the Week: d30 Bard Encounters

Since I've been examining the bard this week, I figured I break out this d30 encounter table. I actually created it over a year ago, and it will be included in a yet-to-be-announced followup to the d30 DM Companion and d30 Sandbox Companion, but has otherwise been sitting on my hard drive.

It generates the following:
– background on the bard's instrument(s)
– the bard's general proficiency on his/her instrument
– what the bard prides him/herself on (knowledge area)
– an ironic trait (despite being able to perform eloquently)
– the bard's dark secret

Click here to download a free PDF of d30 Bard Encounters page from MediaFire.


  1. My guess is . . . D30 Player's Companion? Most of these would be pretty good as character backgrounds, too.

  2. Actually, something more along the lines of a d30 Encounter Companion.