Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Announcing Expanded Petty Gods VOLUME 2!!!

I know that Expanded Petty Gods hasn't even been released yet, but I'm announcing Expanded Petty Gods VOLUME 2!!! It will have 1000+ petty gods, over 500 minions, 72-1/2 cults, -453 spells, and 274° of divine items. There will also be a appendix item called "Suggestions for Additional Petty Gods," in which will be listed every topic included in the 1956 edition of Funk and Wagnalls New Standard Encyclopedia. Every odd-numbered page of the book will mimic the look of the AD&D hardbacks, every even-numbered page will mimic the look of the BX books, and the book will come in a box that mimics the 4e box that mimics the BECMI Basic box. Finally, the book will be three-hole-punched, the front cover will be saddle-stapled, and the back cover will be case-wrap hard-bound. (The cover image depicts the petty god Pagliacci, He Who Keeps His Sadness Hid... and his minion Jojo the boy-faced dog.)

Every petty god will be named after an actual OSR blogger, except for me.
My god will go by the name Turd Ferguson.

Finally... and this is the BIG news... the ghosts of Gygax and Arneson
have already agreed to reunite as the editors on this project.

I'm so giddy about this announcement, I literally just pissed my pants.


  1. Can I contribute a pantheon for my upcoming 'Heros of Cosplay' RPG ?

  2. finally! A product to end the edition wars, and being the community under one banner!

  3. I'll get to work on the Synnibar section immediately . . .

    - Ark

  4. Oh, good - I was wondering where to contribute my deity stats for LEEEEERRRROYY JENKINS11!!!!1

  5. I read this a day late and was all WTF?...until I saw the post date.