Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Creature Compendium Update

As I'm winding down the production of Expanded Petty Gods and getting to the point where nothing is left but a couple of dozen pieces of art and the proofing rounds (which will still take another month or so), I'm trying to get back finishing up a couple of New Big Dragon products that were near completion before I dove into finishing Expanded Petty Gods.

Number one on that agenda... the Creature Compendium.

Welbo and I had a chance to make a pass of some monster tweaks last night, and plan another round before the end of the weekend. That means the final version will hopefully be in the proofer's hands next week.

One of the things I'm considering for Creature Compendium is putting out two versions... the "Standard Edition" I've planned all along (the top image below) and a "Premium Edition" (the bottom image below). The only physical differences between the two editions will be that the Premium Edition will have a black cover with a color illustration, and the interior paper will be of a higher grade (possibly). I'm planning on some deliverable differences between the two, however. The Standard Edition will be available through Lulu at a "value" price, and the PDF will have to be bought separately from RPGNow (but it will also be "value" priced). However, for about the same total cost of the value-priced PDF plus print edition, you will be able to get the Premium Edition. The Premium Edition will be available directly from the New Big Dragon Storefront, and will include a free PDF with the Premium Edition color cover (the standard PDF will feature the monochrome cover; this color cover PDF version will be available only to purchasers of the Premium Edition). I'm also considering adding to the Premium Edition a free print copy of a new mini-module (a PDF of which will be available for free to anyone at RPGNow).

Even better news, I'm looking at changing the shipping options on the New Big Dragon Storefront to go from Priority Mail to Media Mail, getting rid of the added shipping charge for U.S. purchases, and OFFERING AN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING "ADD ON" OPTION!!!


  1. About time you get back to this, I have been waiting for 10,000 years for this to be released ;)

  2. Very much want to add this to my collection.

  3. Premium with mini module. Hands Down.

  4. excited to see this one :^)

  5. Gimme mah preemyum

  6. Premium cover, please. I prefer the look of the colour art and black cover.