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Expanded Petty Gods: Call for Spells (due 1/15/15!)

VERY IMPORTANT!!! The Gods, Minions, and Divine Items sections of the book are COMPLETELY CLOSED FOR NEW CONTENT! If you add a spell, please do not add a minion, god, or divine item!!! Thanks for understanding.

Got spells?

Do you have any god-related spells? Or do you have any ideas for god-related spells.

Or spells for clerics (or magic-user followers) of certain types of petty gods?

If you wrote a god (or gods) for the Petty Gods book, why not write a spell associated with that god? 

Feel free to post spells in the comments section below (but be sure to inclulde your name as you'd like your credit to appear).

OR SEND SPELLS TO: pgcopy(at)newbigdragon(dot)com

Deadline is this Thursday, January 15th (I'll cull Friday a.m., first thing)

In the format below, the "Affiliations" can be VERY loose (e.g., petty gods of molds and fungi, petty gods of vegetation, petty gods that use battle axes, petty gods related to books/scribes/writing instruments, etc.) or specific (e.g., Morbiphalligus, petty god of venereal diseases and sexual afflicitons — yes, I wrote that god myself!).

FORMAT TO FOLLOW (BX/Labyrinth Lord):

Name of Spell 

Affiliations: Name of Petty God, Pantheon, Minion and/or Cult

Level: # Class

Range: Touch (or) #'

Duration: # rounds (or) # turns

Put any saving throw information, total HD effected, total creatures effected, etc. in the body description (use BX or LL as your "go by" for this). Do not include in range/duration above.


Animate Fallen Warrior

Affiliation: The Fallen One, petty god of fallen warriors
Level: 5 Magic-user
Range: 60'
Duration: 1 turn
Similar to the spell animate dead, this spell animates a number of recently deceased warriors (who died within the last turn). The number of warriors that may be animated is equal to the level of the spellcaster plus 1d6. Each animated warrior fights and saves as a 1 HD monster (with 1d8 hp). Like all undead, animated warriors are immune to sleep, charm, and hold, but are susceptible to the effects of turning. They will remain animated until all of their hp are lost, or until 1 turn has passed (whichever comes first). This spell may only be used on any fallen warrior once, after which they will immediately be taken up by The Fallen One.
Related Entries: G) Fallen One.

Locate Jade
Affiliation: Jaiden, petty goddess of jade
Level: 1 Cleric/Magic-user
Range: 60' + 10'/level
Duration: 6 turns
As the spell locate object, but only locates the presence of jade. The duration and range are doubled for clerics dedicated to the petty goddes Jaiden. The spell does not work through lead.
Related Entries: G) Jaiden.

Touch of Morbiphalligus
Affiliation: Morbiphalligus, petty god of venereal diseases and sexual afflictions
Level: 3 Cleric
Range: Touch
Duration: Indefinite
On a successful “to hit” roll, this spell infects the target with an extreme form of venereal disease (no saving throw). The effects of the touch are determined by the level of the spellcaster as outlined below:
[effects table to come]
This spell may be counteracted by remove curse or cure disease. If cast by clerics dedicated to the petty god Morbiphalligus, all saving throws are made with a -2 penalty.
Related Entries: G) Morbiphalligus.

Pallid Veil
Affiliations: The Yellow King, petty god of the madness that comes with old age
Level: 1 Cleric/2 Magic-user
Range: Touch
Duration: 6 turns
The target  of this spell is made to appear 5 years younger per level of the spellcaster (though they are not actually physically aged). It is used mainly by the elder members of the Pallid Conclave to appear younger, and thereby enable them move infiltrate groups of younger people, helping the cult to more easily spread the chaos and madness of the Yellow King. Reluctant victims are allowed a save vs. spell.
Related Entries: G) Yellow King; C) Pallid Conclave.

Jaundice Veil
Affiliations: The Yellow King, petty god of the madness that comes with old age
Level: 5 Cleric/Magic-user
Range: 240'
Duration: See below
The target of this spell succumbs to two different effects: first, they are made to appear 10 years older per level of the spellcaster (though they are not physically made older); second, they are affected as by a feeblemind spell. Separate saving throws must be made for each effect. To avoid the effects of the aging, the victim must make a successful save vs. paralysis. To avoid the effects of the feeblemind, the victim must make a successful save vs. spell at -3. The aging effects last for a number of days equal to the level of the spellcaster. The duration of the feeblemind effects will remain until counteracted by dispel magic.


  1. 4th Level Cleric
    Poison Self
    Affiliation: Neco, Petty Goddess of Poisoners
    Level: 4 Cleric
    Range: Self
    Duration: 6 Turns
    Equivalent to the reversed spell Neutralize Poison, all bodily fluids and tissues of the supplicant (Cleric) exude a soapy poisonous substance, those consuming and injected with such substance are subject to a Save Vs. Poison to prevent instant death akin to the affects of Arrow Poison frog excreations. Though the effects only last for 6 turns any tissues or fluids removed from the body during this time are permanently affected. The supplicant takes on the aspects of a frog during this time, and suffer a -5 charisma penalty while the spell is in effect. The Supplicant must Save Vs. Poison themselves at a +5 bonus or retain the Frog Like aspects (and charisma penalty) permanently.
    Related Entries: Neco

  2. While none of the Gods are my creations, I think I might have a few spells for them - would it be alright for me to shoot them to you in an email?

    1. Absolutely! Anybody that wants to write a spell is welcome to submit! Whether they wrote the god they're submitting the spell for or not!!! Honestly, almost any new cleric spell is likely acceptable (but be aware that some spells may be tweaked if it weaves them in better to the fabric of the entire book).

  3. Summon Fyre Fae
    Affiliation: Nox, Goddess of Near Dark
    Level: Cleric (Nox) 3, Magic-User (Wizard) 3, Witch 3
    Range: 150’ + 50’/level
    Duration: Special (see below)
    By means of this spell the cleric or witch may summon a Fyre Fae, a small pixie like creature the glows much in the same way as a Will O’ The Wisp. The cast beeches a boon from Nox, who knows the location of hidden things, and summons the fyre fae to find what they seek. The caster must be specific in what they are looking for and it must be within the range of the spell. So for example a caster can ask “please help me find the key to unlock the door to the Dungeons of Dragoth-umar” if the key is within the range, then the fyre fae will find it and return to the caster. Requests like “help me find the safest route” or “help me find the way home” may not always have the most direct route, but they will lead the caster in generally the correct direction.
    The duration of the spell is equal to 10 minutes plus 1 minute per level of the caster. The spell though will always end once the last rays of the sun are gone and true night has started. When the spell ends the fyre fae will disappear.
    Attacked fyre fae also disappear. Casters that summon the minions of Nox and attack them will also discover that they will no longer be allowed to summon a fyre fae.

    Summon Gloaming
    Affiliation: Nox, Goddess of Near Dark
    Level: Cleric (Nox) 5, Magic-User (Wizard) 5, Witch 5
    Range: 50’
    Duration: Permanent/till dispelled
    The followers of Nox know that her power lies not in light or dark but in the shadows and near dark in between. While many know of the playful fyre fae that serve Nox, few know of her other servitors, the Gloamings.
    A gloaming is a shadow-like creature that often takes the shape of a large, but indistinct animal. The gloaming summoned will attack a group of creatures that the caster chooses. The gloaming will attack until the creatures or itself are dead.
    The caster may summon 1 gloaming + 1 per every other level. A summoned gloaming does not have the fear causing effects of a naturally occurring one.

    Armor Class: 14
    Hit Dice: 5*
    Alignment: Neutral
    No. of Attacks: 2 claw / 1 bite + Fear
    Damage: 1d4/1d4 1d6 + 1 point Strength loss + Fear
    Movement: 45'
    No. Appearing: 1d6, Wild 1d10
    Save As: Fighter: 6
    Morale: 12
    Treasure Type: None
    XP: 660

    A gloaming is a shadow creature that is typically found in wild, untamed places. Mostly discovered in the time between sunset and the full dark of night these creatures appear to be large, but indistinct shadow creatures. They are on four legs and stand about 3’ to 4’ high with a massive head. The only features that are distinct are their eyes which glow amber, red or green. Sometimes confused with hell hounds, a gloaming is an undead creature. It is the undead creature of a large predatory animal, but it does not attack on sight. Typically a gloaming will radiate an aura of fear (as per the spell, cast by a 5th level caster) to scare off interlopers. Failing that they will attack with a claw/claw/bite routine. Only on a successful bite attack will a gloaming drain 1 point of strength.
    A gloaming is an undead creature and can be turned as a 5 HD creature (or as a Wraith, depending on your system of choice).

    1. Thanks, Tim. I appreciate the spells, but the addition of a minion at this point will be VERY hard to accommodate. (Adding it creates a hole of 1-3/4 pages in the layout of the minions section will have to be filled. Though I'll see what I can do.)

    2. Fit what ever you need! No worries.

    3. Trim, edit, cut whatever of mine you need. Don't want to throw off the layout (I know that can be a huge pain).