Thursday, November 13, 2014

Petty Gods Update: A through F

Just a quick post to let everybody know it looks like I have all but 1 piece of the art accounted for the A-through-F entries for the "Petty Gods" section of the Expanded Petty Gods book. That doesn't mean the all the art is in for those entries, it just means that it is accounted for. So... a) I have the art and it's already in the layout, b) the art exists (in whole or in part) and I'm waiting on the illustrators to find/complete and send them along, or c) the art has been assigned.

At this point, only 2 descriptions from A-F are missing or incomplete. I have a rough draft of one of them, and am just waiting on the finalized version. The other one is supposed to exist, the contributor is working on finding it.

I've spent the good part of this week working on coordinating art needs with artist styles and availability, so layout hasn't progressed much (and I don't imagine it will until next week). But it feels great to look at the spreadsheet and only see 1 missing art-hole (I dare not call it an "A-hole") for A through F.

In the next couple of days, I will likely be posting lists of entries for the "Petty Gods" and "Minions, Knights and Servitors" sections, to confirm that no entries have fallen through the cracks. (Look for that tomorrow morning.)


  1. Excellent that you've taken the reins on this Richard. I find it kind of endearing that it's passed through the hands of three organisers now!