Sunday, April 6, 2014

We interrupt this A-to-Z blogging broadcast to announce the opening of the New Big Dragon Square Storefront (and free buttons for those who order from it during the next week)

First off, thanks to those who've already bought from the storefront.
It launched yesterday, and so far so good.

Next, here's the link to said storefront. >>

Unfortunately, I can only offer U.S. shipping right now,
so if you're outside the U.S., you'll still have to buy through Lulu.

For those who are stateside, what's different about
ordering direct from the storefront vs. buying through Lulu?

1. You'll save about $1 per title when buying individually.
Lulu has a lot of margin built in for their vendors/operations.
Without those middlemen, I'm able to offer much better pricing.

Title Price @ Lulu Price @ NBD Storefront
d30 DM Companion $8.95 $7.95
d30 Sandbox Companion $10.95 $9.95
The Ogress of Anubis $5.95 $4.95
Valley of the Five Fires $11.95 $9.95

2. You can save even more on bundle deals.
Again, something Lulu really can't do with print books. For example, if you buy the two d30 Companions as a bundle, you'll save another $1.95 (in addition to the $2 you're already saving). That makes a savings of about $4 vs buying those 2 books together from Lulu. If you buy all four titles together, you'll save almost $7 off the individual pricing (in addition to the $5 you're already saving off Lulu pricing), which makes a savings of about $12 – that's like getting a 33% OFF sale every day!

3. Because it submits your email as part of the order,
getting the free counterpart PDF of print titles is seamless!

As soon as your order is processed (and moves into the "order fulfilled" stream on my end), you'll get an email to that address through RPGNow with a link to free PDF copies of the print titles you've ordered. No more having to email copies of your Lulu invoices to prove your purchase.

4. Generally, your order will ship 1-2 days after you order.
Because the books are already printed, there's no waiting around for the print queue to wait for your turn to print. Even better, everything ships for a flat added rate of $5.95 via priority mail (no matter how many copies/titles you order), which means you get your package 1-3 days after that. (Please note: the 7-day statement on the storefront is just a "safety" in case issues arise with inventory, etc.)

5. I can throw in added premiums.
For the next week, anybody that orders through the NBD Storefront (including those that have already made purchases) will also get a selection of New Big Dragon Buttons! Anybody ordering a d30 title will get a green d30 button, and anybody ordering a non-d30 title will get a red/white or a yellow/red NBD logo button (color depends on available supply). Finally, anybody ordering 2 or more titles will get 1 of each, and anybody ordering the 4-book bundle will get all 3 buttons (the green d30 button, a red/white NBD button, and a yellow/red NBD button). (BTW, in the future, I'll be offering free premiums like 4-page mini-adventures, NBD stickers, etc.)
I'm sure there's some other things I'm forgetting here, but as the day/week goes on, I'll make sure to update this post with that information.

Again, here's the link to said storefront. >>

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  1. Congrats on the new storefront; it looks great! I'll be placing an order soon!