Monday, September 9, 2013

d30 Sandbox Companion Update/The Value of Editing

First off, an apology... I have been slammed with work lately and neglected my d30-ly duties (I have three clients all in their major push time for the year, but that is starting to slow down).

Second up, a vow... I am forsaking all other gaming-related diversions for the next couple of weeks while I hunker down on trying to finish up the d30 Sandbox Companion.

Thirdly a HUGE shout-out to my right-hand man Welbo. He's the guy that looks at everything I write and gives me that outsider view, and helps to make things more usable/playable/understandable. A few of you got the chance to meet him at the NTRPGCon (he too survived James Ward on that legendary Saturday morning!)

The d30 DM Companion would not be what it is without him, and the same goes for the d30 Sandbox Companion. For example, check out the before and after images for the Weather generator pages (at bottom of post).

With Welbo's first round of major edits under my belt, I've got my sights set on the final few things that need to happen: 1) a good proof of copy/content, including page references, 2) finishing the Master Wilderness Mapping Key, 3) writing the intro/how-to-use-this-book pages, and 4) creating the index. It's all asses and elbows from here! That's my vow!

On the left = "before" with instructions all over the place;
on the right = "after", with numbered steps and instructions on the left where they should be.


  1. Second page, notes for PREC B.1: a faster way of finding the number of cells is 1d6+2, which works to be the same as you had it without division.